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Community Projects

 Working with the community is a significant portion of my contributions. Please take a moment to learn more about the projects executed with researchers, volunteers and community members. 

STEAM on Spectrum

STEAM on Spectrum is an annual event for children of all abilities and their caregivers to explore STEAM-based activities. Click here to learn more and here to watch the documentary.


Night on Spectrum

An event providing respite to caregivers of children of all abilities. During Night on Spectrum, children were engaged with STEAM-related activities supervised by ABA therapists and volunteers.  Click here to watch a short documentary. 



STEAMclusive is a month-long program for children of all abilities, including those diagnosed with autism, aimed at developing skills needed for collaboration, such as listening, teamwork, giving instructions, and sharing ideas.  Click here to see the gallery of images.


Inclusive Theater

Led by Meaghan Mozingo, as part of her master's project, and aimed at understanding the needs of disabled audience members and proposing display aids that make live theater more inclusive and accessible.  More details in a soon-to-be-published article. 


Inclusive Touch Tour at the Mariner's Museum

In collaboration with the Mariners' Museum, we created 3D printed models of a reed canoe and a wooden ship. We also created a scale board of vessels to show the difference in size between the reed canoe, a wooden ship the Half Moon from the 17th century, and a steel ship the Titanic. The museum goers, from Access Virginia, who attended the touch tour were blind or had low vision and thoroughly enjoyed the tactile experience. Check out the gallery to see more.

Wooden Ship assisted touch tour.jpg

Teach Me How Foundation

I am a co-founder and board member of the Teach Me How Foundation which helps individuals learn how to access the environment in a way that is effective and efficient for them. It provides the assistance and the educational tools they need to learn and grow at school, home, and work. The goal is to set individuals, with differing abilities, up to achieve their goals and provide a strong start towards an independent and fulfilled life. 

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